Why don’t you take insurance?


It’s a fair enough question.  On my desk I have a fax from Multi….. representing a family’s insurance company.  They’ve ignored the fact that the family already paid me which was clearly indicated on the form.


  “You provided new patient service for which you charged $500 on October 3,” it says.  [It’s now January 7th - more than 60 days later].  “If you will accept $168.50 we promise to pay you in ten days.”  No mention at all of the fact that they should have paid long ago, or that they will ever pay me if I don’t accept this cut rate offer.


Sixty days late and less than 34 cents on the dollar.  Would you take that offer from the company that pays you???  The grocer, the gas station, the credit card company certainly won’t take that offer from me.  You and your employer chose the insurance company.  You and your employer benefit from the low price.  There’s no reason I should accept the penalty for the level of coverage you chose.  It was up to you and your company.  When patients and their families start realizing that the insurance companies are ripping them off and complain to their companies about the quality of the insurance, then things may start to change.